Drinkaware has a range of tools to help adults understand how much they are drinking.

An embeddable Unit and Calorie Calculator tool is available to use on your site. To obtain the code or to talk through options, please contact or call 02077669900. 

Also available are videos and infographics that can be used to demonstrate the lower risk guidelines and calories in drinks, as well a printable poster demonstrating what to do if someone has alcohol poisoning.

Digital (2)

To embed any of the below assets onto your website, enter your company name and click ‘get embed code’. The code will appear. The embed code is what your web team needs to copy and paste into the backend of the web page you would like your chosen Drinkaware digital asset to appear on.

  • 'Effects of alcohol' animation (iFrame)

    Get code

  • 'What is a unit of alcohol?' animation (iFrame)

    Get code

  • 2. 'Excuses' Revolving Banner

    • Leaderboard animated banner 728x90 (on loop) (Flash)

Miscellaneous (9)

For physical resources, including unit cups and the unit and calorie calculator wheel, please see our Products section.

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