Drinkaware at Work - Vulnerability Course

The course has been designed for bar and venue staff to provide an understanding of vulnerability issues caused by consuming too much alcohol and what to do to support vulnerable people.

Any staff working inside venues including bar staff, glass collectors, first aiders and anyone else whose role involves direct contact with customers in venues that sell alcohol will find this course useful.

By equipping staff with the ability to identify alcohol-related vulnerability and take steps to help prevent customers from coming to harm, it is of benefit to any bar, club or venue where alcohol is sold.

A link to the e-learning will be provided after purchase.


The course includes: 

1. What vulnerability means and what makes a person vulnerable to harm  

2. How to spot harassment and how to help customers who have experienced harassment 

3. How to act in situations involving vulnerable people 

To enquire about alcohol vulnerability awareness e-learning for yourself or your staff email elearning@drinkaware.co.uk 

A link to the training will be sent after payment is received.

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