Audit-C scratchcard

An easy way to find out if you are drinking at a level which could be harming your health. Use our scratchcard to answer three questions then, add up your score, and find out your risk level.

The scratchcard uses the alcohol screening tool developed by the World Health Organisation.

This product is perfect for individuals wanting to understand their own drinking or for anyone working on alcohol education programmes in the community.


Why should I buy the scratch card? 

The scratch card is an easy way of finding out whether you might be drinking above the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) low-risk drinking guidelines.  

If you choose to drink, to keep health risks from alcohol low, it is safest for both men and women to drink no more than 14 units a week, spread over three or more days with several drink-free days, and no bingeing. 

If you have one or two heavy drinking episodes a week, you increase your risk of long-term illness and injury. 

The risk of developing a range of health problems including cancers of the mouth, throat and breast starts to increase even at low levels of drinking. So, the less you drink, the more you reduce your risk.

A5 Postcard, 2 sided