Alcohol and Health - holiday drinking

Resources on how drinking more during the holiday season can impact your health.

NHS employees, anyone working in the health and social care sector, businesses or individuals who want to understand the impact of drinking more over short periods of time will find this content useful.

It includes a leaflet, two posters, three digital assets and two videos covering alcohol poisoning and binge drinking. A full list of content can be found in our FAQs.

All our new and revised medical and health-related content is reviewed by our independent Medical Advisory Panel.

All content is for download only.


What’s the purpose of the pack?   

The content includes facts and advice on the impact of alcohol to help people make better choices about their drinking.   

Who it is for?   

The content could be used at key holiday dates during the year to highlight how drinking more than normal can impact your health. 

What does it include?   

The pack includes: 

1. Posters (A4 and A3) covering How are the units in your drinks stacking up x 2 (individual drinks and bottles) 

2. A leaflet on how alcohol can impact your short and long-term health (A4 or A5) 

3. Digital assets which cover What 14 units of alcohol look like (infographic), Dry January infographic, and binge drinking (GIF) 

4. Videos to embed on your website or intranet which cover alcohol poisoning and binge drinking 

What is the UK alcohol unit guidance?
To keep health risks from alcohol low, the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) advice is, if you choose to drink, it is safest for both men and women to drink no more than 14 units a week, spread over three or more days with several drink-free days, and no bingeing.

All content can be downloaded and printed.  

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