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Hospitality & Leisure

Keeping employees and the public safe is a priority for the hospitality and leisure industry. Alcohol can negatively affect the safety and ambience of a venue. We have resources to train staff to identify alcohol-related vulnerability and take action.

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Support your customers and staff

Organisations in hospitality and leisure can work with Drinkaware in many different ways. You can do this by using our tools, courses and promotional material or training employees so they are better informed when dealing with challenging situations. Alternatively become a funder or apply to use our logo.

Use our logo

Why work with Drinkaware?

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Access to our campaigns

Drinkaware has educational campaigns to use in your venues, to help the public understand the impact of alcohol on their health and wellbeing.

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Support for your staff

We have an e-learning course that can help your staff understand their own drinking and the impact of alcohol on their health and wellbeing.