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Health & Wellbeing

Our new and revised medical and health-related content is reviewed by our independent Medical Advisory Panel. Our resources are used by the NHS, local authorities, and a wide range of community groups in their alcohol education programmes.

This video about the benefits of drinking less is one example of our resources:

Cutting back on alcohol can have positive effects on the way you look and feel – often within just a few days. And at the same time, you’ll be reducing your longer-term risk of serious illnesses such as cancer, and liver and heart disease. Our resources aim to highlight the effects of alcohol so people can make better choices about their drinking.

Why work with Drinkaware?

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Reducing alcohol harm in the UK

We provide practical resources that raise awareness of alcohol and its harms.

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Independent medical advice

Our new and revised medical and health-related content is reviewed by an independent Medical Advisory Panel.

Led by the evidence

We take an evidence-based approach and evaluate all our work to ensure we make a real difference to people.

We have a range of products, resources and training formats to suit all needs. Explore our range below:


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