Drinkaware at Work - Alcohol Awareness E-learning | For Business

One free license per organisation. Bulk purchases are available on request.

Drinkaware at Work is a comprehensive alcohol training course that can support the health, safety and wellbeing agendas of UK businesses.

Improving the wellbeing of staff, enhancing the safety of your workforce and increasing productivity are just some of the potential benefits of improving your teams’ alcohol awareness.

The learning outcomes from the 25-minute course include:

An understanding of what a unit is and how many units are in different types of drinks.

An understanding of the UK Chief Medical Officers’ low-risk guidelines and what they mean in real terms.

Awareness of the health risks associated with alcohol in the short and long term, for anyone who regularly exceeds the guidelines.

The potential impact of alcohol on an employee’s work performance.

The course is easy-to-use and understand. The style is fun and interactive.

Travis Perkins HR Manager

“Bringing Drinkaware to support our Wellbeing Programme in the TP Group has been both engaging and enlightening. Every session generated lively discussion and found everyone reassessing what they thought they knew about the impact of alcohol.”

British Airways Wellbeing Lead

"There was a real buzz around the Drinkaware training with lots of engagement and interest, particularly with colleagues reflecting on their own drinking patterns and impact of alcohol on their lifestyles.”

Why should I work with Drinkaware? 

As an independent alcohol education charity, Drinkaware has over a decade of experience of working in partnership with others to help reduce alcohol-related harm.

One of our core values is that we are led by evidence and facts. Every year we commission a UK representative survey to find out who is drinking, how much and why. We have used the information from these surveys to create our accredited Drinkaware at Work programme. 


Why should I buy the Drinkaware at Work training?  

Drinkaware at Work was originally developed following requests from organisations who wanted to support their staff with alcohol awareness training but were struggling to find a course that met their requirements. So, in 2018 we launched Drinkaware at Work and continue to develop, adapt, and improve our training based on feedback from clients. We believe we now provide the best alcohol awareness training programme available and are very proud of our Drinkaware at Work course which encourages employees to think about alcohol alongside the other health information they receive. 


Why does your workplace need alcohol awareness training? 

Our goal is to help empower employees to understand the potential impact of alcohol. So, if they chose to drink, they can do so safely. However, any change in behaviour requires support and continual re-enforcement. To address this, we provide a set of tools that will help you promote the course internally and support your employees once they have taken the training. 


What’s included with the Drinkaware at Work training? 

What you receive when you purchase Drinkaware’s ‘Everything you need to know about alcohol’ training:

1. Access to your preferred training format 

2. A suite of digital assets to support internal promotion of the training 

3. A template alcohol policy 

4. A wellbeing calendar with supporting content and videos (provided monthly) 

5. Digital/ physical workbooks (classroom sessions only) 

6. E-learning participation reports 

7. Employee discount code for 

- unit measuring cup 

- unit and calorie calculator 

8. Digital infographic with clickable access to all Drinkaware’s digital tools (to be used across internal comms/ intranet 

9. Opportunity for employees to sign up for ongoing tips and advice 

We have a range of courses available, delivered in a way to suit your organisation’s needs. These include: 

* E-learning 

* Group workshops (face-to-face or virtual training) 

* Train the Trainer 

If you want to speak to us about any specific requirements for your organisation, please get in touch at daw@drinkaware.co.uk 

We have a range of courses available, delivered in a way to suit your organisation’s needs. These include: 

1. E-learning 

2. Group workshops (face-to-face or virtual training) 

3. Train the Trainer